Spring turkey

Third morning turkey hunting,
Trying to change things up this year.
First day heard many gobbles early in morning, answering my calls,
Then silence. On the bright side, i was able to watch 7 deer meandering through the woods. Extremely noisy geese overhead.

Second morning came out in the woods late hoping to check out a different spot.
Disappointing results with no animals seen, and lots of noise from barking dogs.

Third morning my favorite hunting pal came out with me before dawn. No gobbles, beautiful sunrise. Woodpeckers making me smile as they compete for best beats. Moved on further in woods  on edge of pines, still not a gobble. Patience is a virtue. Geese flying overhead.

For some reason, while sitting here in the pines, i smell breakfast. I close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the forest awakening. My stomach growls. The aroma of pancakes with maple syrup and bacon on the side permeate my mind. Its as if the thought was Real. I close my eyes. Coffee is being brewed, bacon is sizzling, pancakes are stacked in the warmer. Stomach growls again, waking me up. Opening my eyes, i realize I’m sitting under a tree in the woods…just drifting off.


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