Artificial vs. Real Christmas tree

The smell of wet spruce

Image by Thorsten Becker via Flickr

Many people have no choice of which tree they may bring into their home.  If you are allergic to real trees, artificial is the answer.

Please note as well that the price of artificial trees is very low.  Artificial trees can be purchased pre-lit, and even the most shocking pre-decorated.  You can simply, open up a closet door year after year, dust if off adjust the limbs a bit and wella, in a few short minutes, all ready for Christmas.

Real trees can be expensive, if you buy them at a nursery, top prices may be paid.  Boy scouts or other organizations sometimes sell trees for a fundraiser.  This is a good for the groups and good for the consumer as these trees are usually harvested locally and are relatively inexpensive.

What happened to the tradition of going to get the real tree, walking on foot, trudging through the snow, or riding in a wagon hitched to a tractor..singing christmas carols as you adventure through the woods.  Searching for the perfect tree as you remember how last years tree looked like a spider doing jumping jacks.

Douglas fir or blue spruce?  They both have their pluses.  Douglas Fir with their long soft needles are more child friendly.  Children won’t mind helping out with the lights and the decorations.  The only down side is if you have a few heavier ornaments they tend to slip right down the branches and onto the floor.  Blue spruce trees have a beautiful blue hue to their needles.  Their needles can be a hazard to your finger and nails.  Ouch, ouch, ouch if you do not wear gloves while handling the tree. However, the blue spruce’s branches are very strong and will hold your child’s handmade pottery ornaments. Blue spruce trees demand respect and will keep little fingers from redecorating the tree.

Artificial vs. Real Christmas tree which will be in your house?


2 thoughts on “Artificial vs. Real Christmas tree

  1. I’ve been searching in bing for some ideas and accidentally found this blog. Thanks for sharing your talent and helpful information with us. You are a bright light!

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