Excellent Restaurant Service, Is it extinct?

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On a recent night, I visited a local C-town restaurant for dinner.  The dining room had 6 tables of 2-3 people chatting and enjoying their meals.  3 servers glanced our way when we entered.  No greeting, we sat down at a booth, noticed the servers were chatting away at the tables, thought well maybe they are coming over soon.

Waited 20 minutes before our server came over and greeted us.  Wondering, meanwhile should we get up and leave. We ordered our beverages which were brought in a timely manner along with our silverware.  While the server asked for our order, she stepped on my left foot, to my surprise she did not even say excuse me, nada.  Wait a minute, this is unbelievable, you know when you step on someone’s foot.  My foot was under the table as I was sitting in the middle of the booth.

The server went back over to the table where she stood chatting away at  customers while they ate.  After twenty minutes, she brought over our food asked to refresh drinks, which we said yes.  We waited, tried to get her attention, she finally came b, asking how dinner was, noticing that she never brought the drinks blaming it on someone else.  Assuring us that the drinks would be right out.  Time went by.  Drinks never came.  We finished our dinners and then she came over, we asked for the check, she suddenly noticed we had no drinks.  No apology, no nada…hmmmm where’s the undercover boss to witness this.  This server needs to know what real service is, maybe she does know and doesn’t care if the boss is not there.

Excellent restaurant service can make a restaurant soar, I hope it is not extinct as the food served was fine, but the bad service experience will keep me from entering the dining room again.


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