Early morning visitor

Have you ever wandered out in the dark without a flashlight in the rain?  I was thinking, the barn is not that far away, and beside me is my ferocious rat terrier who will alert me if she notices the slightest movement.  I tromp through the rain, almost reaching the barn, when the motion detecting lights suddenly flash on and i see something spotted move to my right near the ground.  I hurry in the barn turn on the light and walk back outside to see if I dreamed of spots moving.  Knowing that I only had one cup of coffee, this was a possibility.

There it was, a black salamander with yellow spots. He was maybe 8 inches long and just stayed very still in the grass.  I was thinking that he thought I didn’t see him move. He stayed still enough for me to grab the dog and take a few pics of him.

It totally amazes me about the creatures that stir in the night.

Pre-dawn creeper

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