Fall Scents…

Fall scents are more than apple pie.  If you have a garden to harvest in the fall, remember the distinct aroma  that  tomato vines leave on your hands and clothing…pu.  How about the fresh aroma of I didn’t have a flashlight with me when I almost stepped onto a black & white pussy cat one dark night; whew, pu?  Or the potent smell of Rut #4 that my manly buck is wearing tonight?  I just hope I remember to switch boots before going into town.  Okay, there are pleasant aromas as in when you walk through the woods on a fall day there is a slight breeze and the leaves are slowing falling into your path.  Can you just slowly breathe in that refreshing scent?  I have been told that some people even enjoy the aroma of Rut #4.


Slowly breathe in...and catch the scent...fall is in the air.



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