It is what it is….

Writing in the 18th century, Mary Wollstonecra...

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Why do people wait around and think about a problem for months (maybe even close to a year) then decide it is no longer their problem. Instead they want to find somebody to blame, cause its not their problem anymore they are going to bring it to the attention of whomever they believe is responsible. Ok, the other detail is, they can’t even pick up the phone and call about this delayed decision, they write an email. What is up with that? I am being very liberal with my adjectives here. In my opinion, if you have a problem with something, don’t let the problem fester until it comes to a head, and gives you major stress. Confront the situation immediately(in a timely manner), and hopefully face to face, maybe it really isn’t a problem. Maybe it is just how you see it. Maybe it is exactly what you asked for? Did you do your research? Was your hand forced? Hmmmm. Maybe it is what it is and that’s is that. Maybe you should just accept responsibility for your actions which usually include impulse decisions and move on…life is too short, don’t make it shorter by stressing yourself and everyone else. Learn from your mistakes. It is what mature adults do. Remember, you only, have control over your actions, you just can’t control anyone else’s reactions.


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