Change..Is it really good for you?

Early on a Monday morning, I contemplate change.  There are basic changes, yes this is a new week.  That’s a change, last week  was full of good changes…new roof for the house, last of the hay harvested.  Most changes are good or we believe that because we have control over these changes.  Other changes, such as our bills, when the amount we owe suddenly sky rockets, makes us very uneasy and a feeling of not being in control.  We hope and pray that the person in control rules in our favor.

Then there are the changes that affect your entire life in a positive or negative manner.  Some times these changes had absolutely nothing to do with us in any way shape or form.  Regardless of that fact, boom they effect our entire life. Sometimes it is very difficult to see  that this change must be spun around to a positive mode. Pushing through change, having faith, will encircle the change completely through the cycle.  Choose to embrace change, push through it, let it cycle back around you. Change is good!


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