Going here and there with ToddTodd

ToddTodd is a great gadget for travelers who don’t know where they are going?  You just simply plug in where you want to go and a voice tells you how to get to where you need to go.  Take a left in 800 yards, you missed the turn dumb head, do a U-turn as soon as you can or better yet, now.  Another good one is when ToddTodd tells you to take a right and you look and it would be in the Hudson River…aaah…no!  I would rather be a knuckle head!

ToddTodd has gotten me out of a few pinches, too.  When my written instructions were wrong, then I turned on ToddTodd and prayed that he would give me the knowledge to find my way back.   Yes!!!!! ToddTodd was a blessing. Sometimes when I was only a few miles from home….Shhhh..


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