Turkey hunting…session III

I was a tad late going out this a.m., brought  along a straggler to practice calling.  Set up in a new spot, as it was getting too light to go into the woods.  Placed the decoys, set up the blind, unzipped the windows and we were ready.

I demonstrated the calling sounds, then my caller attempted…then giggled a bit as it sounded like a dying turkey. We waited, called, then waited…listened to the birds, then waited.

Then I spotted a red fox running up the hill.  He paused for a second looking our way, then scampered inside the woods.  I signaled to start the clucking again.  A few seconds later 2 foxes came out of the woods slinking down the hill toward us, they would pause for a second then sit and watch the decoys, then scampered closer.  Knowing that if the foxes were hanging out here looking for turkey, we did not stand a chance in calling a big Tom in.  Our hunting session was done.  Not a loss though, as we watched the foxes scamper along the hillside.  I wished I had a camera to catch the footage.


2 thoughts on “Turkey hunting…session III

  1. Guess humans were not the only hunters craving for the turkey on the table after all! 🙂

    Probably a different area would be good for you, rather than have a fox or foxes as competitors.

    • Yes, I knew that the turkey hunting was over when I saw the first fox, but it was fun to find out what would happen.
      Sometimes it is not about what you hunt, but what you see while hunting. Except of course, if you are starving then the hunting is important for your survival.

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