Rubber bands.

The first time that I remember laying eyes on a rubber band, I was about 5 years old.  I was at my Grandma’s house and she had opened her utility drawer in the kitchen.  I glanced over at a multi colored  ball of bands.  “What’s that?” I had asked.  She replied, “It is a ball of rubber bands.”  I then asked, “What do they do?” My Grandmother replied “They keep items together.”

I was intrigued with rubber bands and how they kept playing cards together, sometimes the bands were too big and you had to twist them around the deck once or twice so that they held the cards together tightly.

I discovered that other uses for rubber bands were to keep cupboards doors closed.  Obviously, before the government suggested  childproofing cupboard doors. Yes, the bands kept little hands out of trouble.  The rubber bands were also used in offices organizing stacks of cards & etc to keep everything in order.

If you pull back on a rubber band, it snaps back into place.  Keeping all items close, sliding back into place.  People are like that with change, they have this natural tendency to snap back into what is comfortable.  Not wanting to veer out into the unknown.  How do we break that rubber band?  Do we keep snapping it until it breaks, when there is no comfort zone?  Or do we keep pulling at the band, then snapping it back just to visualize the effect on the world?

Something to think about on this Friday a.m…. Have a SUPER day!


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