Real Simple… yeah!

Can life really be simple? As simple as some people pretend to be, living in that manner or is it at the no turning back stage. What does simple mean, no use of machinery, no use of electronics, and thereby meaning no electricity? But, is it okay if we borrow these items to complete a job?  Is that still leading a simple life as long as you do not have possession of these evils?  Is it okay to use the complex people and their tools, then skip back to their simple lives?  Who are we kidding? Or is it cheating? The real simple life, redefined.


7 thoughts on “Real Simple… yeah!

    • Sharing tools is great as long everyone remembers where to return them. As well as if you lose or have breakage, replace. This important step sets a policy for sharing.

  1. I have read books on simplicity and too tell the true I don’t really get it. Some of the ideas seem like a lot of hard work which to me is not all that simple.

    • Real simple = Manual Labor
      It is not easy, but you also have all day to complete the task. Self motivation is essential to survival.

  2. Oh, you mean like when we chop wood, pump up water from the well with our hand pump, boil water in our couldron to wash our clothes by hand? No, thats fun work. Never had that much fun washing before. The simple satisfaction of actualy doing stuff your self makes it all worth while. I gues the secret is to see everything as life insted of just chores.

  3. I’m all for the green movement and recycling and living off the land. My house is filled with second hand stuff and I have a garden and I am composting. If we gave up modern conveniences like the Amish how would we all be able to have our computers and do our blogging?

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