Anybody remember that movie Bug’s Life?

The best part of that movie was when the bug kept flying toward the porch light at night and his bug friend said to him, Don’t fly toward the light, and he replied, I can’t help it…and before he realized what happened his friend was fried by the light.

Of course, it is the comical scene in the movie.  But in real life, how many times do you see somebody flying toward the light and you try to talk to them about it. To get  them to realize on their own what is really going on in front of them, and they somehow just don’t see anything but the light.  They are blinded by that light, and sometimes they veer off to one side and miss the light, other times they somehow manage to slow down and turn around before they hit the light.  Some get that second or third chance and re-invent their lives. Others zoom head on into the light, full speed ahead  with a passion for crashing.  Only God knows why.


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