Coffee or Oil?

Coffee or oil?  Which one would you pick to live without?

I’d have to say, oil.  But that decision might have a huge impact on current lifestyles.  Could we survive without using oils?  Just to clarify, I am not talking about olive oil.

Just ponder the impact.  Would we be back to the horse & buggy days?  Maybe I should dust off the sulky and get Jenny back into the harness.  If you think beyond our little world, no planes would fly, no vehicles would move unless they were converted over to recycled vegetable oil.  What impact would that have?

If you took the other alternative and just stopped drinking coffee. How would we motivate ourselves?  Or would we just switch to alternatives such as tea?  Or would we just have to rely totally on God to give us the strength to keep us going?

Which would be an easier decision?  Something to think about on a Tuesday a.m.?


3 thoughts on “Coffee or Oil?

  1. But, no oil, no coffee! Unless we all already live next to a coffee farm. But, if I ignore that fact and just think about life without each one…, I would pick oil. Because I have already proven to myself that I can live without it. I have never coped without coffee….yet 🙂 But, if both go…..I gues we will survive without them both. Thats when “useless” knowlege today, turns to gold. How to clothe you self with local fibres. How to produce food localy. How to stay warm. And heck, I allready know how to make a decent cup of coffee out of cichory, rye or dandilion roots.

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