Spring Turkey Season Day 2

Yes, I was out and headed toward the woods before 5:30 a.m.  I paused at the bridge waiting for the beaver to announce my presence, but apparently I was too early.

I headed straight out and into the edge of the woods, pausing to place my decoy, when out of the corner of my eye I saw 2 deer run up the hill and off into the woods.  I quietly found my tree and took a seat next to it, after about 20 minutes of listening to the peepers, I heard a chorus of clucks.  Yes, this was a good sign.  I clucked back and more clucks responded.  The chorus of clucking went back and forth when it occurred to me that hey, somebody is playing around behind me, and this is a joke.  I thought for a second, then decided, well it would be a good trick.  That was when I heard the sound of wings beating in the dark coming from the same direction as the clucking.  The hen flew in the air and landed less than 20 feet from  me.  She clucked while walking right on by me.  I was thinking hey, come back here and cluck for your friend to come, you know, Tom.  I waited, then 2 more hens flew from above me on the hill and landed 30-40 yards from me, they didn’t even bother to cluck or purr at me, just went on down the hill.

Gobbling was heard coming from the south side of the hill, I did my best trying to entice a tom to come over, but I have a feeling that the hens were keeping tom occupied.

Day 2 tally- 2 deer, 3 hens and heard numerous gobbles and clucks and chuckles


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